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Full of life, colors, noise, history, and delicious food (the pizza is truly iconic!), this wonderful place feels unmistakably Italian even at the peak of the tourist season. And we will be happy to show it off to you! We work only with the best downtown hotels and experienced local guides and feature complimentary arrival/departure transfers on all our trips. Browse our collection of ready-made short breaks to Naples or let us plan an amazing custom trip for you.

Galleria Umberto I a must-see sigh during a weekend getaway to naples

“Rome is stately and impressive; Florence is all beauty and enchantment; Genoa is picturesque; Venice is a dream city; but Naples is simply — fascinating”

Timothy Garton Ash

Naples Getaway FAQ

Absolutely, the city of Naples is a fantastic place for a weekend in Italy. Apart from the world-famous pizza, the city has a lot of amazing historical sights and museums to explore. Or you can always take a more relaxed approach — take it easy and just allow yourself to get lost exploring this stunning city by foot for a few days. 

While Naples doesn’t have as big a fanbase as Rome, Venice, or Florence, it’s still one of the most popular travel destinations in Italy, so the city gets really crowded in summer. If you are not a fan of throngs, we advise you to plan your trip for late spring or early autumn. This way, you will take advantage of the amazing weather and enjoy the best the city has to offer without dealing with overbooked hotels and inflated prices that come with the peak of the tourist season. Alternatively, you can consider going on a weekend break to Naples in November or February if you are traveling on a budget, as the prices for accommodations and some excursions are at their lowest during these months. 

It really depends on your travel plans. If you want to concentrate on exploring the city alone, three days for a city break in Naples are plenty. But if you want to see the gems of the area, such as Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, and Capri Island, we advise planning at least a 4-day visit to this remarkable destination. 

Absolutely! Naples is a perfect place to explore on foot. Most of its must-visit sights are located in the historic city center and are easily accessible. Plus, nothing can give you the feel of the city better than spending an afternoon wandering the narrow cobblestone streets without a specific destination in mind, stopping in for a coffee or ice cream in the small local cafes.  

While you can drink in specially designated places such as cafes and restaurants, most public places, including squares, streets, and local parks, are alcohol-free areas. 

Pickpocketing is, unfortunately, a real issue in Naples, just as it is in all the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Following the basic safety measures is the best way to reduce the risks to a minimum. And going alone at night might not be the best idea, but if you don’t stray from the crowds and make sure to be careful and keep an eye on your possessions, everything should be just fine. 


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