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most template itineraries on the market are designed to be fit-to-all, which means that they are a perfect fit for no one. WE OFFER PROGRAMS TRULY TAILORED TO YOUR NEEDS.

Long Weekend Getaways

Whether you have a romantic weekend away in mind, looking for something children-friendly, or want to go solo, we have something to offer. All weekend getaway deals in our collection feature the best downtown hotels, private sightseeing tours with local guides, and transfer upon arrival and departure! As always, you are in charge of the experience, so all tours are fully customizable and can be adjusted to fit all your needs. 

Cinque Terre, a stunning seaside village in Italy

“The world is a globe — the farther you sail, the closer to home you are.”

Terry Pratchett

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Enjoy amazing city breaks to Europe with a great team of local guides.

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Please, note: you can secure the indicated prices for the pre-built packages only. In case you want to customize your itinerary, please contact your destination specialist to get a quote.