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Rome City Breaks

If there is such a thing as a perfect city break destination, the stunning capital of Italy is surely one of the most likely candidates for the job.

Rome Weekend Breaks

We can sing praises to Rome’s culture, history, and architecture for hours and hours, but this is not the only reason why the city beckons travelers from all over the world.  This destiantion is more than excellent museums and unique historical sights. It’s also about delicious food and excellent wines, getting to know the locals, and exploring the city’s hidden gems such as Garbatella and Piazza dei Cavalieri di Malta, as well as many other remarkable things. All itineraries in our collection are fully customizable, and we will be happy to tailor any break to meet your needs and wishes. 

One of the charming streets of Trastevere District, a must-visit place on a getaway to Rome

“Rome is the capital of history, culture, religion. Rome is Italy. ”

Uto Ughi

Rome Weekend Trip FAQ

In our opinion, the stunning capital of Italy is one of the best weekend break destinations in Europe. It’s hard to compete with the magnificence of Rome, its rich historical and cultural heritage, stunning architecture, and unique vibes. So, if you want to escape the routine for a few days, the Rome weekend getaway is definitely a great option to consider.

There is no definitive answer on what is the best time to go to Italy. However, there are a few things we can tell you on the subject to make the decision of when to go easier. Most people prefer to plan their long-weekend trips to Rome in the summer months. The period from June to July is considered the peak of the tourist season when thousands of people from all over the world flock to the Italian capital to enjoy what it has to offer. This time is characterized by inflated prices, very crowded sights, and overbooked hotels and popular restaurants. So while summer is a popular choice for a getaway to Rome, it has a few downsides you should keep in mind. Early May and late September, on the other hand, are wonderful choices to consider. The streets and the sights are much less crowded, the prices start to go down, and the weather is perfect – the suffocating heat is gone, but it’s still warm and sunny. The cheapest months for a short trip to Rome are usually November and February as they are the least popular among tourists, making them a perfect time for those who want to get to know real Rome and see how the locals see this amazing city.

From our experience, three days is the bare minimum when it comes to the Italian capital. Less won’t be enough to cover even the main sights, let alone enjoy the experience. That’s why all our pre-built weekend break packages feature 3 or 4 days in Rome, but we will be happy to customize any program you want according to your travel plans.

On average, Rome is a bit cheaper than most of the grand European capitals such as London, Paris, and Berlin. A cappuccino in Rome costs around 1.5 EUR, a small bottle of water is about 1.15 EUR, and you can buy McCombo in McDonald’s for 8.25 EUR. And, of course, we can’t miss one of the most popular questions regarding prices in the Italian capital: how much is a pizza in Rome? Well, depending on the toppings, be prepared to pay something between 8 and 11 EUR for a delicious round pizza. Useful tip: the prices on hotels and guided tours in summer are much more expensive than during the less popular among tourists months. If you plan carefully, organizing a 4-day Rome itinerary in February will cost you as much as three days in Rome in the middle of July.

Full of hidden gems and famous for its striking architecture, the best way to see Rome is surely on foot. Walk when you can during your weekend getaway to Rome, and don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path – the best discoveries are made when you least expect them. However, we know that walking everyone is not an option for everyone, so we will be happy to organize private transfers upon request.

Of course, you can spend the whole weekend getaway to Rome aimlessly wandering around the streets, taking shelter in the small local cafes from time to time, and still have a fantastic time, but we recommend adding at least one sightseeing tour to your itinerary especially if you’ve never been to the Italian capital before. Rome boasts a pretty much unparalleled historical and cultural heritage, and it seems like a waste of opportunity not to learn about it when you have a chance to quite literally touch ancient history. Plus, learning the fascinating details of the city’s past will help you fully appreciate its splendor

Well, not all things are closed. Big shopping malls and restaurants are still at your service, while small local shops do tend to be closed on Sundays. Plus, a lot of tours and master classes aren’t available on Sundays, so you need to plan your weekend getaway to Rome very carefully and double-check everything (or leave all the headache of planning to us).

What Rome weekend tour can go without a visit to the Vatican? But this sacred place has a specific dress code you need to keep in mind. The simple rule is that if your knees and the legs above are covered, you are good to go. However, ripped and see-through jeans might cause certain problems (the same goes for the tops), so better leave them in your hotel room this once. And make sure to take a light scarf to cover your shoulders if they are exposed or if you are planning to wear a low-cut garment!


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