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Geneva Weekend Breaks

The world’s Peace Capital boasts a rich cultural and historical heritage and is home to plenty of amazing sights and incredible museums you can explore, such as the Patek Philippe Museum, where you can learn a fascinating history of watchmaking in Switzerland and see some one-of-a-kind (and indecently luxurious) watches and the International Red Cross Museum, dedicated to different touching events in human history. And we will be happy to show you all sides of the beautiful city! Pick one of the ready-made itineraries that we will customize according to your needs or let us build you a unique itinerary from scratch. 

Aerial view of Geneva, a wonderful choice for a weekend-break in Switzerland

“In a country where peace prevails in every corner, everything looks prettier, calmer and wiser!”

Mehmet Murat İldan

Weekend In Geneva FAQ

Geneva is a lovely destination for a long weekend away. The city’s charm and incredible atmosphere alone are good reasons enough to fall in love with the city, but this wonderful place offers much more than nice vibes. The Peace Capital of the World is the heart of the United Nations, the cradle of scientific progress, home to the Red Cross, and simply the city with unparalleled cultural and historical significance. The short breaks in Geneva are a great way to explore the city’s heritage and fall in love with Switzerland (if you haven’t done that already).

We don’t recommend dedicating less than 3 days to exploring the city, as this is just about enough time to cover the city’s main sights and get the feel of the place. And if you can extend your stay and spend 4 days in Geneva, consider adding a memorable day trip to your itinerary to see the gems of the nearby area, such as Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Lavaux Vineyards, or Gruyère with its cheese and chocolate factories.

Geneva is surely not the most budget-friendly option on the world’s map. Switzerland is famously expensive, and the second-most populous city in Switzerland is no exception. A small bottle of water costs about 3.2 EUR, a regular cappuccino around 4.5 EUR, and for a McMeal at McDonald’s you will have to pay about 15 EUR.

To be honest, the answer is both yes and not really. On a nice clear day, you can see the magnificent Alps Range, and while the iconic mountain is somewhere in the breathtaking scenery, it neither stands out nor is easily distinguished. So it’s better to choose one of the Geneva packages that include a visit to the amazing place as a part of the itinerary or even request a custom tour if you want to see Mont Blanc in all its glory.

Yes, Geneva is a great city to explore on foot, especially the area of the picturesque Old Town and along the scenic lake. However, the destination is of a considerable size, so walking everywhere might not be the best option. But it’s not a problem as Geneva boasts a great public transport network (or we will be happy to arrange your transfers upon request).

City breaks in Geneva are quite safe. But the general precautions to avoid mugging, bag snatching, and pickpocketing are a must regardless of where you are traveling to.


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