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Istanbul Weekend Breaks

Did you know that stunning Istanbul is the only transcontinental city in the world?

City Breaks to istanbul

European and Asian at the same time, Istanbul was the capital of not one but three great empires that shaped the modern world: the Roman, Latin, and Ottoman. And plenty of historical sights have survived to this day! What is more, the historical landmarks are not hidden in the museums but are still very much part of everyday life, like treasures hidden in plain sight. Istanbul is a city of contrasts and wonders that breathes history. It will take your breath away and claim your heart. Choose one of the pre-packaged tours or let us create a custom tour for you from scratch, and then head to meet amazing Istanbul! 

Man and a woman are sitting among various beautiful carpets as they visit a market stall that sells them.

"Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archaeologist, diplomat and merchant, princess and sailor, northerner and westerner screams with the same admiration. The whole world thinks that this city is the most beautiful place on Earth."

Edmondo De Amicis

Istanbul Weekend Trip FAQ

Sure! Istanbul weekend trip is a fantastic way to explore the city’s most popular sights and imbue with the unique atmosphere of this stunning destination.

There is no arguing that Istanbul short breaks are a wonderful treat for yourself throughout the year. But the periods from September till October and from April till May are pretty much a perfect time to visit this grand city, as you can expect warm and sunny weather but don’t have to deal with the throngs, inflated prices, and overbooked hotels characteristic for the tourist season.

Our advice is to spend at least 3 days in Istanbul, as this is about enough time to cover the city’s main sights without a rush, enjoy what the local cuisine has to offer and feel the unique atmosphere of the place. If you can stay for 4 days in Istanbul, we recommend adding a day trip to your itinerary, so your experience won’t be confined by the city borders.

Istanbul getaway is one of the most budget-friendly options when it comes to traveling Europe. The prices for food, accommodations, and even flights to Turkey are very affordable, so you can build a genuinely great itinerary even if you are planning a trip on a tight budget.

The city is surely great to explore by foot as it leaves you a chance to stumble on some hidden gems, but there is no way that you will be able to walk everywhere. Istanbul is a big city with a great public transport network, so getting around is not a problem. And we can always add transfers to your itinerary upon request.

As a rule, the taxis are not expensive and work on a meter. The standing fee is about 10 liras (0.5 EUR), plus you will need to pay an additional charge of about 6 liras (0.3 EUR) for every kilometer of your trip. However, be very careful during your short trip to Istanbul and always make sure that the meter is on when you sit in the taxi. One of the popular scams is to leave the meter off for the ride and make the tourists overpay upon arrival.

Yes, and more than one. In fact, the city is home to more than 80 beaches and bathing spots, and quite a few a located just a 30-minute ride on the metro from the city center.


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